New Study Reports Americans Have Most Difficulty Falling Asleep on

Sunday Night*

Did you know  A recent study conducted by Toluna Omnibus, a leading online panel and survey provider, finds Americans have the most difficulty falling asleep on Sunday night, as compared to the other nights of the week?

 It's true - a study of more than 3,000 adults across the US showed that 39% of respondents identified Sunday as the most difficult night to fall asleep, double the percent of those who identified the next closest night, Saturday with just 19%.

Tuesday and Thursday were identified as the easiest nights to fall asleep, with just 5% indicating difficulty. Of the 39% selecting Sunday, 70% reported it takes them at least a half hour longer to fall asleep on Sunday than on other nights.

*Toluna Omnibus study among 3101 online adult respondents within the United States on May 14-16, 2013